Day 12, July 14th: Finally back home

I must apologise for my infrequency. As said before I’ve been gone, now I am returned.

The tail of the one winged bird

Where I work is outdoors at the entrance to a forest, so naturally there are many birds around. You’d expect them to fly around and make noises and occasionally defecate across the floor. You would however, not expect one to fly overheard and drop an entire wing to the floor, but it happened and I still doubt if it was real or not.

The wing was fully intact with no damage or bleeding, it was as if the wing just popped off or something. I’m sure there is a scientific and natural explanation but I prefer to enjoy the mystery.

What is the power of a meme

Nowadays memes have gone from a funny picture or cultural change if you hark back to the original definition to a device to trigger internet wars and ridiculous other things. It’s not just a meme anymore, it’s an act of war.

Third time’s the charm

In the coming days I shall have the time to be more consistent with my additions, so hopefully watch this space.

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