Day 11, July 5th

Predicted to be sun, sun and even more sun today.

The room is a little more cozy

Now I have large packages full of the latest tech flooding into my house, I forget that my cramped room needs to store all of these things. Every day my room is getting smaller until on day, it will be open and spacious. The only problem being, I’ll have left by then.

It was nice knowing you

I’m being told to pray now that North Korea has performed a successful missile test. I would be afraid if this wasn’t one success out of MANY failures. Finally, the strike location is far away from the US and much further from anywhere near me.


Every time I watch North Korean news, I can’t tell if it’s real or a scene from a bad movie.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better

I’ve had to give up trying to make space in my room anymore as there just isn’t any. Later today I’m just going to go to my uni flat for 4 days until all the parts for my computer arrive and I can finally clear the debris.

Thank you for reading.

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