Day 11, July 4th: Strong and Structures

In der Turnhalle mit meine Freund

Ah, the only time I’ve used my GCSE German qualification since it became worthless due to google. Yesterday I had a trip to the gym with a friend of mine, boy did I sweat. The way there I was in jeans and a coat up until the point that the sun came out and fried me. Once I got to the gym I realized that I had lost my gym card. I was off to a good start. I asked at the desk if any cards at all had been handed in to them, to which they responded, “Yeah we have a few” and proceeded to pull a huge stack of cards bond by plastic out from beneath the desk. Luckily my card was on top but my word, that collection would have any Yu-gi-oh player jealous.

My new Top Band

Recently I have found a new band to fall head over heels for, that band is Red Vox. With less than serious topics and vocals from Vinny from Vinesauce, ()Yes that Vinny), all the pieces for a great band are there. To anyone that enjoys Vinesauce’s videos and likes rock music, I would highly recommend them.

My favorite song so far is Roid Rage, it should give you a good introduction to what to expect.

Three topic structure

I seem to have found my format, in these three topics, I can cover all the topics I want to. It is good to see that I’ve already got the structure of these posts down. Now I’m going to head off and continue getting blogs ready and make progress. Thank you for reading and I will see you next time.

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