Day 10, July 3th: Price and Projects

Budget Beware

2 days in to the new month and it was going relatively well. Notes were made, budgets were kept to. Until I found out that my bills payment was not paid. Now my account is reaching new lows of funds. I am really looking forward to when I get back to work.


Idea Machine

Taking breaks turns out to be amazing for my productivity. I have now got so many ideas for new projects that I should not be stuck for new ideas until the year’s end. Alternatively, the end of the autumn if I don’t get bogged down with assignments before they’re done.

Passive Voice

I’m not sure if the blog analysis takes in to count that many people may just use the passive voice to communicate. Whenever I use it more than once in a post it throws a hissy fit and tells me it’s unreadable. Hopefully this becomes one of those things I adapt to not use in blogging.

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