Day 9, July 2nd: Back for a bit

Guess who’s back

Through the power of technology and scheduled posting, you’d have never of guessed that I’ve not been in the house for a few days. Yes, I’m back before I have work and other matters to attend to.

Unfortunately due to delays I was not able to write the longest post today as due to the time of this upload, you can see it’s not exactly very long until tomorrow. I apologize for that.

Faster than expected

I was expecting to be only be thinking about buying my new PC at the end of this month, however it seems it’s going to be next week! Due to using my savings, it’ll be sooner than expected for me to have my new computer. This most likely won’t have an impact on this blog, however it will make me more organised, so I may be more consistent.

A Welcome Break

Despite it seeming that I’m quite rushed for time about now, I’ve just had a long weekend of rest. You will find that you think of great ideas when you least expect it. You will also do so when you have a blank mind. I’ve gone away and come back with many ideas. Now I’m back I can try them out. Many new things to do! So if you are in a creative rut then I would highly recommend taking a few days off to relax and follow suit.

Thank you for reading. Even if only one person out there really cares about the random chat I’m spouting, it’ll be worth it. Speak again soon!

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