Day 7, June 30th: On to July

That time of the month

How was your June, was it good, bad or maybe a bit of both? Personally it was a mixture of both. Stressful deadlines through to the 20th followed by instant relief of having no worldly responsibilities for a week. I am sure this feeling will return to me as soon as I return to university because why else would you go to university other than to be perpetually stressed?


As you may well have seen or heard, a social app has had an update that is somewhat controversial. Today’s offender is Snapchat, famous for previously weak security and data leaks.

Snapchat has recently had an update where you can zoom out onto a map to see your friends and events that are happening around you and around the world. Pro: I can see where all my friends are all of the time. Con: My friends can see where I am all of the time.

You do have the option to only allow yourself to view where you are so if you are afraid of certain friends finding out where you are then that may be an option for you. However, this news had come a little too late to some.

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