Day 6, June 29th: Minor blog update

Blog Update

Thanks to someone with eyes helping me out, I now have a method of following this blog. So if you would like to receive daily updates, it’s over to the right.

The labor of love

From a cave of discarded horrors to a room you can move in, my room is finally getting clean. Everything has a place and every place has a thing. Despite dreading chores involving anything with the word “clean”, when it’s your room and your space, your perspective magically changes.

Your second greatest critic

Getting through these posts, I always return to the mechanical critic of my writing, the readability score. If you have a blog yourself, I would highly recommend following the advice it gives you. I went from a student who scraped GCSE English grades to writing like I got a B.

Onwards and Upwards

With this blog I intend to carry on how I have done so already. Improve my writing style, improve this blog and hopefully improve my number of readers, with your help of course.

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