Day 5, June 28th: No witty title

Blogging from the land of yesterday

Hello readers, welcome to the first scheduled post of this blog so forgive me if I’m a bit behind the times.

Down to business

The heatwave is over and the floodgates pour upon us, rejoice! There will be no hose pipe ban this year! This would be great news if I hadn’t already gotten a full gym and pool membership to escape the heat. At least I can swim through the rain to the gym, go to the pool and swim on home.

Things are shaping up, work is sorted, new PC is coming ever closer to being a reality. Also I just bought Jazzpunk so I can’t complain about where I’m at.

Focusing on smoke in a fire

The country however, is not in as perky a mood, money is being thrown around big words are being used. No one really knows who’s in charge.

If they are just playing a joke on us, it’s gone way too far, like every vote last year, or communism.

A lighter note to end on

I am home from university so my folks see that as an opportunity for free labor. Today my dad came over to my desk and gave me an external hard drive to convert some videos on to. He told me that he had space for five movies at the moment and asked me to put the movies in a file named accordingly.

When I finished getting the videos ready I opened the hard drive to find the movie file. To my surprise there was no file to be seen. I called him in to ask him where the movie file was and with a laugh he showed it to me.

Prank of the Year 2017.

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