Day 4, June 27th: I may have missed a few days

It has been a while

Hello, hello,

It would seem that I’ve missed a fair amount of days with posts, this would be all down to laziness, exams and other things that are all over now.

A lot has changed, a lot has stayed the same, the government is still the government and the air is still breathable, so at least that’s in order.

The joys of leaving a house that doesn’t have enough space

In order like my room that after months of being a storage room which, while I have been at university has been lovingly sorted out by yours truly, and is now as bad as it was when I first left. Somehow an improvement.

I shall have a clean, minimalist room when everyone else has taken their junk away, such as what seems like a metric ton of VHS tapes, that are not moving until they have digital copies of each and every one, joy.

This whole thing should only take 2 to 3 months, in which time I will have started my final year of university and received half of my years assignments.

At for least now I can rest.

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