Day 3, January 10th: Slow Day

Tripping at the Starting Line

Oh dear, 2 days in and already missing out a day, not the best but I’ve not given up yet.

I should summarize yesterday, hotel bookings, assignment woes and a bit of cleaning. Not the greatest of days but hey, I was productive.

Back on Track

On to today, It has been same thing really, other than the fact that (thank god) I haven’t been involved with hotel bookings. However bookings for that were replaced with bookings for, and I’m not sure how “inappropriate” this may be to some readers, so turn away now if the phrase “We were booking slots for a nude calendar photo-shoot” would upset you. Yes, from hotels to nude photo-shoots, how bizarre university life is aye?

Apologies for the short post but it is assignment city here so I will get back when I can. Thank you for reading, this has been Dan and my not so enthusiastic ramblings.

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  1. I’d like to follow your blog! Not seeing a “follow” button though, which is distressing.

    Also, because I’m the worst, I noticed that your subtitle should probably say “Second Year” student, and probably not “Seond Year.” Unless you meant to say that, in which case I’m super sorry.


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