Day 2, January 8th: Don’t let your dreams be dreams

Getting it done

Today was very productive, shopping, working, communicating, did all three.

Work in a library sounds like the most boring, depressing thing to do, however it’s not. Granted my time today was spent either alone at home or wandering around the lonely streets so most anything other than a Spanish Inquisition would be better.

The joy of Productivity

Getting work done is rewarding, if not for the pride you take from being an independent being getting it done in this world, then just be happy you are getting an endorphin you joyless sap.

Doing things you enjoy is rewarding, in much the same way as doing work is, except it’s fun. Unless your work is what you enjoy, many would call you a sad nerd for that, enjoying what you do for a living? Pfft, how absurd. Of course they say that, then go to their joyless job from 9 to 5, (if they’re lucky) and return home exhausted and drained. You, on the other hand, return home feeling content as you’ve enjoyed your day, and now you get to have a break from it.

What I’m trying to say is, this is your life, forget everyone else you are above, forget who you are below, the best you can be is someone who loves their own life and lives it well. If you are in that position, help others to get there, if you aren’t, help others to get there too, we’re all on the same team here so everyone would be a lot happier if we acted like it.

I realize that my posts start with a diary entry and end in deep, philosophical realms, I don’t intend to change it as that requires a plan, something of which I do not have.

I just want to get one in

Did something in this post seem forced? What you didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition?

See you next time.

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