Day 1, January 6th 2017: The Adventure so far

Happy belated New year

Today started off in the way that I expect 2017 will be, doing everything as normal although knowing that things are both different and beginning to change. I’m up to date on my assignments, I have weeks before I have to clean up the mess that is my flat before I have any other human interaction and I’m content with the life I have.

Is this year going to be any different?

That’s all changing. I believe 2017 to be a year of massive change, personally for me, I turn 20, I will learn to drive and I will enter my final year of university, I don’t know how to prepare for that. For the world, Oompla Loopas have broken free from slavery and will now run the sole super power on earth, and then on the other side of the Atlantic, everyone’s wondering what’s going to happen when the guys across the channel take their leave. No one knows what’s going on, no one can predict what’s going on and I love every moment of it.

Life is all about finding trouble and beating it, growing stronger with each trial you conquer, order is nice, but it prevents growth. Whatever your opinion on anything that happened in the year of the Hollywood Dead, make the most of it and fight to win 2017.


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