Day 12, July 14th: Finally back home

I must apologise for my infrequency. As said before I’ve been gone, now I am returned.

The tail of the one winged bird

Where I work is outdoors at the entrance to a forest, so naturally there are many birds around. You’d expect them to fly around and make noises and occasionally defecate across the floor. You would however, not expect one to fly overheard and drop an entire wing to the floor, but it happened and I still doubt if it was real or not.

The wing was fully intact with no damage or bleeding, it was as if the wing just popped off or something. I’m sure there is a scientific and natural explanation but I prefer to enjoy the mystery.

What is the power of a meme

Nowadays memes have gone from a funny picture or cultural change if you hark back to the original definition to a device to trigger internet wars and ridiculous other things. It’s not just a meme anymore, it’s an act of war.

Third time’s the charm

In the coming days I shall have the time to be more consistent with my additions, so hopefully watch this space.

Day 11, July 5th

Predicted to be sun, sun and even more sun today.

The room is a little more cozy

Now I have large packages full of the latest tech flooding into my house, I forget that my cramped room needs to store all of these things. Every day my room is getting smaller until on day, it will be open and spacious. The only problem being, I’ll have left by then.

It was nice knowing you

I’m being told to pray now that North Korea has performed a successful missile test. I would be afraid if this wasn’t one success out of MANY failures. Finally, the strike location is far away from the US and much further from anywhere near me.


Every time I watch North Korean news, I can’t tell if it’s real or a scene from a bad movie.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better

I’ve had to give up trying to make space in my room anymore as there just isn’t any. Later today I’m just going to go to my uni flat for 4 days until all the parts for my computer arrive and I can finally clear the debris.

Thank you for reading.

Day 11, July 4th: Strong and Structures

In der Turnhalle mit meine Freund

Ah, the only time I’ve used my GCSE German qualification since it became worthless due to google. Yesterday I had a trip to the gym with a friend of mine, boy did I sweat. The way there I was in jeans and a coat up until the point that the sun came out and fried me. Once I got to the gym I realized that I had lost my gym card. I was off to a good start. I asked at the desk if any cards at all had been handed in to them, to which they responded, “Yeah we have a few” and proceeded to pull a huge stack of cards bond by plastic out from beneath the desk. Luckily my card was on top but my word, that collection would have any Yu-gi-oh player jealous.

My new Top Band

Recently I have found a new band to fall head over heels for, that band is Red Vox. With less than serious topics and vocals from Vinny from Vinesauce, ()Yes that Vinny), all the pieces for a great band are there. To anyone that enjoys Vinesauce’s videos and likes rock music, I would highly recommend them.

My favorite song so far is Roid Rage, it should give you a good introduction to what to expect.

Three topic structure

I seem to have found my format, in these three topics, I can cover all the topics I want to. It is good to see that I’ve already got the structure of these posts down. Now I’m going to head off and continue getting blogs ready and make progress. Thank you for reading and I will see you next time.

Day 10, July 3th: Price and Projects

Budget Beware

2 days in to the new month and it was going relatively well. Notes were made, budgets were kept to. Until I found out that my bills payment was not paid. Now my account is reaching new lows of funds. I am really looking forward to when I get back to work.


Idea Machine

Taking breaks turns out to be amazing for my productivity. I have now got so many ideas for new projects that I should not be stuck for new ideas until the year’s end. Alternatively, the end of the autumn if I don’t get bogged down with assignments before they’re done.

Passive Voice

I’m not sure if the blog analysis takes in to count that many people may just use the passive voice to communicate. Whenever I use it more than once in a post it throws a hissy fit and tells me it’s unreadable. Hopefully this becomes one of those things I adapt to not use in blogging.

Day 9, July 2nd: Back for a bit

Guess who’s back

Through the power of technology and scheduled posting, you’d have never of guessed that I’ve not been in the house for a few days. Yes, I’m back before I have work and other matters to attend to.

Unfortunately due to delays I was not able to write the longest post today as due to the time of this upload, you can see it’s not exactly very long until tomorrow. I apologize for that.

Faster than expected

I was expecting to be only be thinking about buying my new PC at the end of this month, however it seems it’s going to be next week! Due to using my savings, it’ll be sooner than expected for me to have my new computer. This most likely won’t have an impact on this blog, however it will make me more organised, so I may be more consistent.

A Welcome Break

Despite it seeming that I’m quite rushed for time about now, I’ve just had a long weekend of rest. You will find that you think of great ideas when you least expect it. You will also do so when you have a blank mind. I’ve gone away and come back with many ideas. Now I’m back I can try them out. Many new things to do! So if you are in a creative rut then I would highly recommend taking a few days off to relax and follow suit.

Thank you for reading. Even if only one person out there really cares about the random chat I’m spouting, it’ll be worth it. Speak again soon!

Day 8, July 1st: Welcoming in the new month

New month, new plan

Now the new month has come around I can use it as an excuse to change up my game plan. I can work on new things, change the old now I have the time to do so.

Savings, storage, sleep. All things to be changed up and by that I mean have much more of them.

Changing over

Today I move from dealing with my current flat to the new house I’ll be living in for the next year. It really does seem that this month is a breath of fresh air.

However, it turns out that the cost of this is double the original price, so I’m going to be having fun juggling the numbers on that.

A little bit all over the place

For the next week or so I’m, going to be between houses, counties and broadband connections, therefore it will be a while until I have a proper schedule. Please bare with me if any of these posts seem rushed in nature.

On the 11th of July I will be in a position to put a lot of time and effort into these posts.

So in that time please give me advice on how to improve. Also please say what you’d like to see in later uploads.

Day 7, June 30th: On to July

That time of the month

How was your June, was it good, bad or maybe a bit of both? Personally it was a mixture of both. Stressful deadlines through to the 20th followed by instant relief of having no worldly responsibilities for a week. I am sure this feeling will return to me as soon as I return to university because why else would you go to university other than to be perpetually stressed?


As you may well have seen or heard, a social app has had an update that is somewhat controversial. Today’s offender is Snapchat, famous for previously weak security and data leaks.

Snapchat has recently had an update where you can zoom out onto a map to see your friends and events that are happening around you and around the world. Pro: I can see where all my friends are all of the time. Con: My friends can see where I am all of the time.

You do have the option to only allow yourself to view where you are so if you are afraid of certain friends finding out where you are then that may be an option for you. However, this news had come a little too late to some.

Day 6, June 29th: Minor blog update

Blog Update

Thanks to someone with eyes helping me out, I now have a method of following this blog. So if you would like to receive daily updates, it’s over to the right.

The labor of love

From a cave of discarded horrors to a room you can move in, my room is finally getting clean. Everything has a place and every place has a thing. Despite dreading chores involving anything with the word “clean”, when it’s your room and your space, your perspective magically changes.

Your second greatest critic

Getting through these posts, I always return to the mechanical critic of my writing, the readability score. If you have a blog yourself, I would highly recommend following the advice it gives you. I went from a student who scraped GCSE English grades to writing like I got a B.

Onwards and Upwards

With this blog I intend to carry on how I have done so already. Improve my writing style, improve this blog and hopefully improve my number of readers, with your help of course.

Day 5, June 28th: No witty title

Blogging from the land of yesterday

Hello readers, welcome to the first scheduled post of this blog so forgive me if I’m a bit behind the times.

Down to business

The heatwave is over and the floodgates pour upon us, rejoice! There will be no hose pipe ban this year! This would be great news if I hadn’t already gotten a full gym and pool membership to escape the heat. At least I can swim through the rain to the gym, go to the pool and swim on home.

Things are shaping up, work is sorted, new PC is coming ever closer to being a reality. Also I just bought Jazzpunk so I can’t complain about where I’m at.

Focusing on smoke in a fire

The country however, is not in as perky a mood, money is being thrown around big words are being used. No one really knows who’s in charge.

If they are just playing a joke on us, it’s gone way too far, like every vote last year, or communism.

A lighter note to end on

I am home from university so my folks see that as an opportunity for free labor. Today my dad came over to my desk and gave me an external hard drive to convert some videos on to. He told me that he had space for five movies at the moment and asked me to put the movies in a file named accordingly.

When I finished getting the videos ready I opened the hard drive to find the movie file. To my surprise there was no file to be seen. I called him in to ask him where the movie file was and with a laugh he showed it to me.

Prank of the Year 2017.

Day 4, June 27th: I may have missed a few days

It has been a while

Hello, hello,

It would seem that I’ve missed a fair amount of days with posts, this would be all down to laziness, exams and other things that are all over now.

A lot has changed, a lot has stayed the same, the government is still the government and the air is still breathable, so at least that’s in order.

The joys of leaving a house that doesn’t have enough space

In order like my room that after months of being a storage room which, while I have been at university has been lovingly sorted out by yours truly, and is now as bad as it was when I first left. Somehow an improvement.

I shall have a clean, minimalist room when everyone else has taken their junk away, such as what seems like a metric ton of VHS tapes, that are not moving until they have digital copies of each and every one, joy.

This whole thing should only take 2 to 3 months, in which time I will have started my final year of university and received half of my years assignments.

At for least now I can rest.